May 2009

I created a Vimeo account for the Fleischarchives. Slowly I'll move all the films there and shift my main attention to the Vimeo Fleischarchives. This site has no future. It's too much work and too expensive. Go here for your Fleischarchive fix.

April 2008

been a while but I'm back with a couple of new films: on iceland's bird mountains, microorganisms in fresh water, a well laid table, tobacco farm in the uckermark and the spreewald

March 2007

added the following films to the archive: excavations from the stone age, bear hunt, children of the north sea, hop cultivation, amitosis and cell division, in an african village, sisal harvest on yucatan and about boars and elks

September 2006

pimpinella received a beautiful music treatment by peter whiskard. it's up on youtube here.

April 2006

finally an update. I eventually managed to add a few new films to the archive. these are the new titles: salt lakes in mexico, the osprey, pimpinella, emergency help by laymen at farms II, nursing at home, fellahin in egypt II , horses in arizona, a well in the alps is build, german farming in cameroon, pacific paradise, floor exercises - part 1, floor exercises - somersaults and flik-flak, feeding a suckling and heart of the ox. I now switched to using the quick time 7 encoder.